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Steering wheel/shaft rattle


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Have a bit of an issue with the steering wheel and an annoying rattle/wobble on my 1974 2002. Everything seems tight around the steering box and coupler. The rattle is forward in the cabin on the column. Doesn’t seem like a steering box issue as the actual steering isn’t loose. Took a quick video, if anyone has any ideas on how to correct this or is it just what it is? Is there a bushing that’s missing or worn out? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Preloading seems to have done it. BUT, it wouldn’t move from just pushing on it at the steering shaft, so I tapped it with a rubber mallet and it moved in about a half inch.


My question now is, would there be any harm done if it’s too far in? I checked and the coupler is “flat” and everything is tightened up proper; steering is still good. So visually and function wise, it seems ok. Just don’t know if there is added stress to the steering box internals. Thanks for the help and insight guys. 

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