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Your Biggest 02 Accomplishment in 2020


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I became a very lucky 02 owner on January 6th, 2020. My 1975 02A in Malaga is the cleanest used car I have ever owned and there’s been 15 cars between my first and “Binger”.


As my daily driver it has finally reached the point of nirvana and I couldn’t have gotten there without all of you and BMW2002FAQ. I’m hardly a mechanic but getting pretty good at being a putz!


I’m wondering, what has been your biggest 02 accomplishment in 2020?   Adding a picture I’m sure will get you more smiles. Here’s mine - getting the fast idle to work on an original Solex two-barrel DIDTA!!!  Part follow the directions, part push the pedal to the floor a few times and a little bit of luck. 

Happy New Year and may 2021 bring us many  more 02 adventures. 


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Probably redoing my interior. Still the same Esty carpet kit from 11 years ago, but I had my Recaros redone with a fabric that my father made while working at Recaro in the 80s (Porsche pinstripe). He never used it so I continued his vision in my car. And the wacky steering wheel we added last week. 


Also....some of your undercarriages are WAY too clean ;)





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Back on the road after sitting in pieces in a garage for 20 years, Did the resto-mod in my garage and finally got everything dialed in. Everything mechanical, Motor,trans, rear end, suspension, brakes either new or rebuilt on a zero rust 68. 


1968 BMW 2002 4 (2).jpg


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So 2020 was for sure a bit of a strange year. My biggest accomplishment is honestly me just being here.  I had the pleasure of spending 17 days in February/March in the hospital,having an autologous bone marrow transplant because of a  blood cancer known as Multiple Myeloma.  The good news is they have a 94% success rate and continue to make great strides in the treatment. So will be okay I think.🙂   Anyways back to my 2002. I must agree with several posts on what a great site this is and let me get my mind on more fun things, like my 2002.  

  I spent most my time on lots of small details, new center console,correct gaskets and had my valve cover and stress bar powder coated. Also new spring pads and such.  

  I did spend some money on cool stuff. I found some 3 piece Panasports and a new used gas tank to install.

I also have a pair of Recaro's that I bought but have yet to install.

So looking forward to a busy and normal 2021.  Looking forward to Spring.  







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For the first time in many years, I drove Ludwig, my '73 less than a thousand miles all year--normally put 5-6k on the odometer each year.   No Mid America, no Vintage, no RGB drives.  Booooo.  But...


Wolfgang, my '69 is back in business as a (part year) daily driver in his new Florida home.  Haven't put more than 500 miles on his odometer since the 2006 Ofest in Atlanta.  So...he's gonna get some exercise.  


Haven't really done much to either other than two new tires on Wolfgang due to a bad front end alignment (since corrected).  But I may have to replace Ludwig's radio in the spring...it's getting wonky on FM, and it's not the antenna.  So it may be out with the 1987 Alpine and in with a proper vintage Blaupunkt stereo.  And his rear brakes need attention too...that slope is getting slippery already.





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