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1976 2002 brake help


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we just got a 1976 bmw 2002 in our shop and im having trouble getting parts... i think it has as big brake kit in the front and i need new rotors and calipers. the calipers now and leaking and the seam of the two they are vented rotors and the parts i got when i order new are single unvented rotors and the calipers and for those also... so i have the new parts but now the spindles are to big for the rotors... 

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Looks like you have e21 Rotors and Volvo Calipers

Rotors can be obtained from https://bit.ly/3pG0Ouh or https://bit.ly/38MjDoPLook for front Vented Rotors


Calipers can be found at Advance Auto Left: https://bit.ly/3pNXw8r Right: https://bit.ly/2KQQzV9

Or Parts Geek at  https://bit.ly/34TI3vu Look for Front Girling calipers fro Vented rotors


Steve K.

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1 hour ago, jp5Touring said:

Mine are similar to OP.  Mine are on a 73 2002 with tii struts and tii front caliper is my understanding.

Let me know if that doesn't look like a tii caliper.

No idea what the rotor is from. Is vented and is Balo brand.   Ideas ?

Will read the above article.


IMG_3721.jpg IMG_3720.jpg


see the link in my other post for what it could be on the Tii strut

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