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Parting out 1972 AC 2002

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Price: $1
Location: Vermont USA


I bought this car for parts and never had it running or was able to run a systems check. I have the original matching lock set with ignition and working keys, various interior pieces including instrument cluster and switches, complete wiring harness with fuse box and all relays fully labeled. This car came with a AC unit so I have that as well as much more of the system including condenser, fittings, and electrical. Original steel wheels; no curb rash and in good shape, Perelli tires (not on rims but mounting cost is included) and hub caps. Hood is complete, nearly rust free and has very little rust; no dents but needs to be repainted. I needed some windows for my car but one door window, wing windows, and front windshield are available. Harman/Kardon amp includes all speaker wire from the car. Much more for sale please let me know if you have any questions on whats available, prices, or pictures of anything you're interested in. I am looking for early rear seat and a tii air filter housing so let me know if there is a trade we could work out or you have one of those items for sale.

Wiring harness - $150

AC system - $250

Door lock, ignition, key set - $175

Tires, wheels, and center caps - $200 

Hood - $100

Front Windshield - $75

Shipping in addition to all listed prices

Prices are negotiable! This is my first time doing this I am not here to make a fortune just to make a little extra to put towards my tii.

Windshield washer reservoir and pump - sold

Round tail lights - sold

Dash not available

Seats not available















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18 hours ago, RFord888 said:

The A/C system - does it include the console and if so, what type, Behr, Frigiiking, Clardy? If period, I would be interested.





It is the Behr, if you would like I could dig out my center console that goes with it, the compressor and air lines.


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