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Fuel Sending Screen

Rodolfo Lasparri

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I'm presently struggling with how to clean the fuel sending unit's screen, as seen in the picture it's pretty much fully clogged and nearly opaque in all locations. So far I've tried the dishwasher (shhhh) Carb and Brake Cleaner, POR 15 Degreaser and Solvent, Krud Kutter, Denatured Alcohol, and presently some mineral spirits. Several of which I let the screen soak for 24 hours, to date I've seen a very minimal change at best even using toothbrushes etc.


Anyone have any other insight on what might actually break this stuff down?





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Why not just get another one? If I was in North America right now I’d put one in an envelope and send it to you for free. I have several .

But I’m here in the Caribbean till April. Still

there must be lots of them lying around!


Otherwise a soak in a mix of Vinegar and Coke

 overnight should work.

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   One would have thought that all the methods you used would have cleaned it. The screen is designed to filter out small debris (sand, rust, etc.) and should be used in conjunction with a small inline filter after it. The screen color probably won't change back to its original color. Shine a bright light behind it and if you can see the light all around, it should be good to go. The back light will also reveal if any pieces are still stuck in it. A gentle spray of compressed air from the back side could also help.

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I've found that carb cleaner and an (old) toothbrush works wonders on those fine screens.  Toothbrush bristles are soft enough and small enough to get down in the corrugations in the filter without damaging it.  And...that filter is very fine and looks opaque even when new; the holes are very fine.  Based on what you've done so far, it's probably pretty clean.  Shine a bright light through it; if you can see some light, you're good to go.



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On that note, My sending unit (69 1600) has no screen at all. Ordered one from ECS tuning (pn 16121106983) The one I received is way too large, about 80mm across. Looks like it should be about 50mm. Anybody know if the screen is available and what the part number might be. Doesn't show the sending unit on reloem for some reason

sending unit filter.jpg

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Just because the plastic is stained doesn't mean its blocked.  Plastic turns dark brown when in contact with gas.  You might see this with carb floats. This example from a Solex carb started off being white.  




I rehabbed my fuel sender and had the screen zinc plated.  The screen is as clean as it will possibly get and it looks like this


unnamed (1).jpg


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