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Photo request - sun visor mount points


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Pardon my laziness because I know the pix are on the FAQ somewhere... but if anyone has an '02 without a headliner at the moment, I have a picture request.


When I redid my liner a while back I never installed the visors but now I want to. I did not take good pix of the mount points/holes for the mount and that clip at the other end. If you have a bare metal inside roof and it is not too much of a hassle, could someone post a couple shots of this area. I want a picture that gives me a relative way to mentally measure the location of the holes and then I think I can poke/feel my way to the right spot. 





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I ran into a similar problem with my pop out window latches, shoulder belt B pillar location and sun visor screw locations. Very clean fingers feeling around is the key to success. Once I thought I could feel the holes, I took one of my wife's smallest and thinnest needles and poked through the headliner. It will sink into the screw hole if you're correct, or hit sheet metal if you aren't. 


Fortunately for me, I have a sensitive touch and found all the screw holes with this method. Got all my practice on co-eds many years ago.😀

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