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TI battery placement

Shawn Piper

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There’s a good thread on battery trays. The challenge is to find it!


If I recall correctly — and that’s always a bit dodgy — I believe a ti battery tray is the same as the round taillight tii battery tray, both lower and a bit smaller than the carbed cars’ battery tray (Type 26R versus the carbed cars’ Type 47).


A ti’s airbox, however, seems appreciably larger than a tii’s airbox. Could the battery tray be even lower than a tii’s? I wish I could find that battery tray thread!


Below, the gorgeous Colorado engine bay is Dirk de Groen’s ‘70 ti. The... other engine bay is my ‘73 tii. 😯


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Hmm. On my car, the battery tray bolts to the body. My goal is to use the existing mounting holes for the battery tray so my mods are reversible. 


I guess if the battery tray is the same but the mounting point is different, then I could buy a spare tray and modify it to use my existing mounting points. If a TI tray was a different design and used the same mounting holes as other cars, I was hoping to find one and use that instead. 


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