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DCOE Redline linkage interferes - grind off the boss?


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Hi all.

I am installing my Redline linkage with my new DCOE's and have a contact issue with what appears to be an unused boss on the carb. 

If you see the picture below even after changing to a flat lever warm on the carb there is no room for a bolt head that will not hit the cast boss shown with the threaded hole in it. 

As this boss is unused I was considering cutting it off - am I missing something as I really don't want to hack into new carbs!






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  • sam1904 changed the title to DCOE Redline linkage interferes - grind off the boss?

If you are going to work with what you have for the time being, yes you can grind it off.  Here's a close up of a setup I put together a couple years ago where you can see the ground boss.




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5 minutes ago, Stevenc22 said:

Just give the arm a slight tweak to the right. That's how both of my arms are.

Thanks, I am going to actually use a different linkage but that would have been an option if not. With such a short radius I was a little worried about shortening it too much but as noted above 'its not that complicated -  just a 4-bar linkage trying to turn a rod!!

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