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Fuel Starvation issue


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My 69 1600 is having a strange issue. Running a weber 38/38. Mechanical fuel pump. Starts and runs fine but after a certain period of time it just dies. Will start again after about five minutes and then run for a minute or two and then die again. Thought it might be a vapor lock issue, but not so sure anymore. Replaced fuel pump and no help. I had recently installed a different fuel tank, pics attached. Pulled tank sender, looks clean and tank itself looks clean. Replaced hose from tank to plastic fuel line. Don't have the small ferrule on the tank outlet, but the line is pretty tight and didn't have this problem before. The new tank has a plug on what would have been the return line. The tank vent itself is attached to the rubber filler neck and steel line just vents to the atmosphere. It is unobstructed as well. I thought I might be having an issue with no venting and fuel pump at some point not being able to pull fuel, but the vent line seems fine. Could there be an issue with the original return line being plugged at the tank? Carb is also new, and when the car is running it runs very well. I though it might be a faulty float, but it operates normally as far as I can tell.

I don't think I have a spark issue either. Any thoughts?

fuel tank pic.jpg

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Didja check all the rubber fuel lines in the system?  There are two others under the hood:  plastic line to fuel pump, and fuel pump to carb.  If they're the OEM cloth-covered line, replace with modern all rubber line, and make sure all the connections are good and tight. 


A mechanical fuel pump would much rather suck air that gasoline, so the slightest air source in the line will cause a problem.  


And I'm sure you checked the filter screen in the fuel pump and carb inlet, along with the one in the tank.



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Where did that black gunk come from? Could it be rubber lines disintegrating?


This could be the case, what type of petrol are you using? Over here in Europe we nowadays see a significant amount of Ethanol being added to the petrol (then called E10) this is okay-ish for modern vehicles but not for the older cars as it deteriorates rubber etc.  I'm unaware of the situation in the US though.

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All sections of rubber fuel line are new. My guess is that the new tank may have contributed to the problem. Even though I spent quite a bit of time cleaning it, there may have been some residue in there as it had been sitting for years. Drained the new tank again as a precaution and car drives normally now and fuel filter remains clear. We’ll see. Thanks for all the input. 

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