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Getrag 265


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Evening all

the car I’ve acquired has gone through an extensive rally build and restoration and I’m slowly but surely working out what components have been used. It has a dogleg box which I assume to be a getrag 265 with a remote shift lever.  There’s some play in the shift mechanism caused by the rubber bush in the lever itself - presumably an anti-vibration feature and also in the pivot ball. Does anyone do a quick shift kit? 
Will post some pics when I’m next in the garage. 
thanks in advance


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If your 265 box has the fork and blade joint between the shift rod and the shift lever, the play may well be at that joint.  The plastic bushings wear out from contact with the steel clevis pin.  I've heard of people substituting brass or bronze bushings for the plastic ones; I suspect they'd be noisier than the plastic but would wear better.  



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