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Ball joint mating surfaces


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I'm ready to put my front end back together and have a couple of questions.


1.   Do the mating surfaces of the Ball Joints need to be lubricated to prevent corrosion?

2.   How much do I need to torque the new ball joint to control arm nuts?( I'm replacing the original riveted ball joints.)


Thanks for the help.

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Mating surfaces between strut and steering arm:  clean 'em off really well so they'll fit as tightly as possible.  Mine were a rusted mess inside, so when I installed new ball joints, I cleaned, then packed the entire space inside (where the ball joint stud resides) with wheel bearing grease.  It's very thick, so shouldn't ooze out, and will keep rust away.  Be sure and safety wire the three "special" bolts that hold the steering arm to the strut after tightening them to 18 ft/lbs. 


Torque figures:  ball joint stud--43 ft/lbs; ball joint bolts: the shop manual doesn't give a torque figure for the bolts that replace the factory rivets, but they're 8 x 20 bolts, so just torque 'em to the recommendation for that diameter bolt.  I'd put some anti-seize paste on the joint between the ball joint and the lower control arm, just on general principles.







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