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FOUND WTB 2002ti solex carburetors

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On 12/24/2020 at 11:34 AM, hollowridge said:

... Would like to have the tabs still attached.


And here, from Jim G., is what those tags would ideally look like:



Thus, a black tag, with a number 1250529, for the front carb. And a black tag, with a number 1250530, for the rear carb.


I’d guess, however, that the majority of these PHH’s have lost their factory tags by now.


Good luck,




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To be accurate, there are significant distinctions between the NK ti Solexs and the 1600/2002ti Solexs.  Most Solexs in use on 2002s in the US are the NK version due to the rarity of the 2002ti versions here.  But, the linkage systems are very different (bellcrank vs. center rod) and the throttle and balance levers are different and not compatible.  The throttle shaft is also at a different angle in relationship to the butterflies.  Here are some shots of the shaft and the balance levers of the two versions.


And, my apologizes for segueing into an infomercial, buuut, I have just finished designing a linkage system that will work with both the NK and 1600/2002ti versions of the Solex 40 PHHs on the '02s.  It is as close to a replica as could be done reasonably and the NK version will be available around the middle of next month.  The 2002ti version is already available.  Here's a couple of pics.


Top Front View.jpg

Solex 40 PHH Parts Graphics.png

Balance Lever 1600-2002ti.jpg

Balance Lever NK .jpg

NK ti Version Angle Annotated.jpg

2002ti version Angle Annotated.jpg

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