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Early trailing arm bushings 2000tilux

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YSo i just received the new bushings from Germany. The replacement bushings are rubber with the steel insert. The original ones as some of you may know have an outer steel sleeve that’s pressed into the trailing arm. This steel sleeve does not want to come out when I put it on the press. In fact when using the press to remove these bushings you run the risk of bending the trailing arm. Not good. I can get the bushings out with heat and press. Does anyone have any experience with the removal of steel sleeve? I’m going to try and saw a notch out and then possibly I’ll be able to knock it out?



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Those are the identical bushings used in the early 1600-2 and 2002 through mid-69. The rubber replacement bushings are too loose as they seem to be 1-2mm too small in diameter. That was the case with the batch shipped to me. When I tried installing them, they just fell through. I ended -up wrapping them with aluminum tape for a tight fit, but that's not going to hold up in the long run. Are you suggesting they expand in diameter when torqued in place ? 

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I thought the bushings would compress yes. However once I put them in i quickly departed from that idea. I don’t think it’s going to compress them enough, if at alI. was about to return them and order the ones that come with the steel sleeves but the fellow thats selling them closed shop until Jan 7th.

I want to finish the project and reassemble every thing so I decided to epoxy the bushings in place. Those overpriced sad examples of a bushing are not going anywhere.


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