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Well what a Boneheaded thing to do....


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23 minutes ago, dlmrun2002 said:

If your trunk floor is ok, you got lucky for the most part. Now if that was a plastic bumper, it might be totaled..lol

dlm ny country



Lucky that its mostly the bumper...slightly pushed panel that should pull out and a bit of paint....


19 minutes ago, esty said:

you only need a center section



True Esty!  Or it may be the excuse I needed for a nice new shiny Stainless bumper...

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Not boneheaded. I am now too dependent on my backup sensors and cameras with my modern rides.  Do you think you need another trip to Los Panchos? 


I would maybe get a new stainless bumper from Blunttech etc....

License plate light replacement from Ireland Engineering....

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9 minutes ago, jrhone said:

Los Panchos.  Yes.  Also the plan was always to do the euro lights in the bumper amd remove the US license plate lights. 

Euro lights also available from Ireland Engineering.. 

I hate it when they move those poles on me.... completely sucks... 

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We all have momentary lapses, so don't be too hard on yourself.  The day I bought my all-original, lowered E30 318is--I pulled into the DMV parking lot to transfer the title and knocked the chin spoiler off when I pulled into the parking place and hit the bumper block.  So I know how you feel.


The US style center bumper section (no license plate light holes) is (and has been) NLA from BMW for some years, in both the plain and punched for rubber strip varieties.  However, the end pieces are still available. 


And if you don't mind the look, you can use the rear bumper brackets from a '73 to move the bumper a couple of inches away from the body so a low speed contact like yours would just bend the bumper and not the bodywork.  I further reinforced my '73's bumper bracket by making a couple of 1/4" thick steel plates to fit between the bumper bracket and the body, held in place by the bumper attaching bolts.  That spreads the load in a low speed encounter from just the bolts to a 4x6" piece of heavy steel.   


When my '73 was rear-ended a few years ago, a shop called Knox Chrome in Knoxville TN (now sadly closed) straightened and re-chromed my rear bumper center section--did a great job with a two week turnaround.   I'll bet there are still some bumper shops in S. California that straighten and re-chrome bumpers.   



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8 hours ago, Steve Tochi said:

Bummer...guess it could have been worse.  I always find it difficult to back up into my garage, no power steering and small driver mirror, none on passenger side.  Anyone mod a backup camera into their 02 yet? 



Someone was talking about it and they were mocked for thinking such a thing... :(

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