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Door brake happiness - Kudos to Brendan / Hami


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Back in June, I bought an ingenious set of repair items to fix my broken, noisy door brakes. Actually, I replaced the brakes inside the door a few years ago during restoration, but the mount on the A-pillar eventually failed on driver and then pass side. The design and installation of this fix was top notch and Brendan and Hami deserve big-time kudos! I wanted to share a few pix. I am not sure the pix will appear in correct order, but a few points:


- I decided to cut a slit in the carpet where the access hole was (sorry Esty!), since I did way too good a job gluing the carpet to the sides. 


- Finagling the inner part with the long wire was a bit tricky but after a bit of wiggling and wire bending, the studs came through. FOR SURE drill the holes much bigger than just the stud size. You are NOT going to get the inner piece to line up flat and even and mine came in on a slight angle, so the slightly bigger holes helped. But maybe if I had pulled carpet back and had more wiggle room through that access hole, I would not have needed the bigger holes.


- Other hassle was using a big-ass set of pliers to pull that brake out of the door. You need it pulled all the way out in order to close the door a bit, align its end in the bracket and push the pin in. And also, that little C-clip on the bottom was trouble.. but it had gotten dark and my hands were frozen.


But all in all, super happy and the doors click/pause in the two stop spots like they should ... like factory new! Hope they don't mind me sharing their email if you are interested in this fix - brenpram@gmail.com


Next project... my loose pass mirror! Get out that rivet gun again :)















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