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Isetta - Clone EVs coming


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I don't know which forum to put this in, so here it is. I did search, didn't find anything. 


Microlino, a Swiss company, has prototypes of this cute little beast running around town now. They're calling is a "heavy quadricycle" electric vehicle.




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2 hours ago, fjord-tii said:

@M2M3: I never look at that forum, 

why not?  there is usually interesting bmw related stuff in it.  the OT section here is thankfully completely different that the OT sections on other sites that are buried in political BS.


02 section is for 02 stuff.  all else should be posted elsewhere.

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The famous little car that my mom dreams of. She's been around for years, but she's never had a car. She found this marvel in a catalog, convinced me to bail her out. The Microlino is powered by an 11kW engine with 73.5 lb-ft of torque. But it won't go up to 140 miles. Why do you need a car like that? I would agree to fully support the mother if she could find something for the business. I showed her that such cars are mostly needed in the workplace, where companies are willing to bear the cost for such innovations. I'm not sure we have enough shops in our state to service a car. But she claims that these cars https://www.myevzone.com/ are what the future holds.

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