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FOUND WTB Bilstein B6 for Front and Rear and HR Springs or similar

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Looking for a used set of H&R springs (or similar) and front and rear shocks/cartridges.  This is for a project car so I do not need new - just working.  The part numbers I have for the shocks are B46-0803 Rear and P30-0023 for the Front.  I want to lower the car by 1-1.5 inches hence looking for springs as well.  The H&R Springs are pretty inexpensive and available so I can buy them new if need be.  Any suspension options I will consider if you have them available!  Thank you.

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I am about to list these Bilsteins. I'm not exactly sure what they are. They were on my car when purchased along with original stock springs. They seem in good shape. A little surface rust / chipping around the lower mount but otherwise solid. I would take $50 for the pair, including shipping, if you are interested. I cleaned them up a bit, but I'm sure they would clean up even better with just a bit more elbow grease.


I'm pretty sure the # on them: F3-B46-0803-H1 cross references to 24-008037. They list for $95ea on Amazon but are out of stock.  https://www.amazon.com/Bilstein-24-008037-Performance-Absorber-Yellow/dp/B009FU5JUC

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