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Happy Birthday (49th) 2580042....and others


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Today marks the 49th birthday for  2580042 (mine) and at least one other 2580062 according to the FAQ Registry. VIN 257998 could possibly be included on this special day but there is no production date listed. It is interesting to report all three cars are Colorado. I guess the paint shop ran out of "Inka" that day (...lol). Although I am sure there are a few Tii's that are cele-brating today as well.


A brief history, the car arrived in Canada Jan. 14, 1972 and delivered to Vancouver Auto Ltd. one of only two dealers in BC at the time. It was sold on Feb 13th to a Mr. R Gallagher, Vancouver, BC for a gift to his new bride. They maintained ownership until the early Spring of 76 when the car was sold (as part of the divorce settlement) to a friend of mine. To my great fortune  I was able to acquire the car a few weeks later as  my  friend needed some cash to purchase his dream car. So on April 10, 1978 I was the new proud owner of a 2002 BMW, 23K miles.




Today after more than 40 years in storage, another 6 years in trying to breath new life into the car, it is very different  from that of 49 years ago. Much of the car remains original, now 53K mi. with a few performance and interior upgrades. I have tried the honour the spirit of the car through out the project but I do admit there are more than a few personal touches that makes the car that much more enjoyable to drive.


I would be remiss if I was not to acknowledge  the support and inspiration I have received from the elders of this forum. If not for them and the site in general,  I would have not  been able to complete this project, most likely it would have been sold long ago.


Finally, I would only add that because of this crazy year we have found ourselves in, it has given me cause to reflect on the things that are important to maintain your sanity and overall health. I remain thankful that this community has provided some sanity and the ability to forget about some of the problems we all face, all be it for a brief period of time. If it was not for the ability to get on the road I would have lost it a long time ago. For that I am remain truly grateful.


Stay well and safe.


Mike Joy (proud owner)









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6 hours ago, Gilbert H. said:

Texas plates on a TN car. Oh the horror!

Miss having you near Les, and the herd is much thinner now.





Hi Gilbert,


Da Beater has been somewhat forlorn since arriving in TN.

Seems like there are many get-togethers there since I left...........that's just dandy!!


Merry Christmas.

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