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Sourcing Automatic trans parts


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Hi all, I'm getting really close to having my 74 on the road after a long rebuild. Unfortunately I can't find a place that will sell the bushing that connects the bottom of the shift selector to the linkage underneath the car. Any ideas where to find this that actually has them in stock? I've ordered from several companies that end up not having it and cancel the order.


PN: 24-51-1-666-364

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Part 24511666364 was found on the following vehicles:
1502-2002tii   (01/1968 — 07/1976)
1500-2000CS   (09/1963 — 01/1972)
5' E12   (02/1972 — 06/1981)
2.5CS-3.0CSL   (12/1968 — 11/1975)
2500-3.3Li   (08/1968 — 02/1977)



You might try placing a "want to buy" post in the classified section.  Perhaps a transmission shop will have something that does the job.  Good luck!  https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/forum/18-bmw-2002-and-neue-klasse-parts-wanted/

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If you can obtain the dimensions of the missing bushing (shop manual, perhaps?) you should be able to find one--in the proper material--from an industrial supply company, much as you would locate a ball or roller bearing.  If that doesn't work, any competent machine shop could turn one out for you in your choice of materials.  


I've made new rear armature bushings for my '02 starter motor by turning down a hardware store oillite bronze bushing on my drill press with a file and hacksaw blade.  Crude but effective!



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