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FOUND WTB: Matching intact seats (OEM or aftermarket)

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In my 76 02, I currently have an original tan passenger seat in really bad shape covered with with a cheap seat cover an a 74 brown driver seat with wide posted headrest with splits in base & back upholstery.  On the floor of the garage I have the tan drivers side Recaro LS that was in it when I got it.  

What I’d like is two seats that match and at least color coordinate with a tan interior. 

The dream would be a passengers side unbent Recaro in need of restoration like the drivers I have. As I’m tall and I fit a lot better in the lower-sitting LS than the OEM.  

The fiscal reality though is I can’treally afford Recaro or their restoration as that seems to be in the >$1K range either way and my budget is well below that.  

So.. WTB:


a pair of any year OEMs in better shape than mine (pics) that color coordinate with my interior. 




a 74 passenger that matches my driver. 



A pair of Unicorns:

Aftermarket seats that match, are in good condition and color coordinate that for some reason are impossibly inexpensive. 

All: within 1 day round trip local pickup range of Seattle metro or include shipping 



interior color (Esty kit, not yet installed)



seats in it now




the Recaro LS


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Forgot 3rd aftermarket option & typos
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