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need help on how to replace rusted floor pans yourself

Julio C

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That's... well... Extensive.

This sort of replacement (in my opinion) will need full strip to shell, structural bracing welded in, detailed measurements taken and then a great deal of the car's steel cut out, cleaned up, prepped, replaced, and new steel areas fabricated. 


I could be wrong but I wouldn't call that just a newbie "floor pan job". 

Good luck to you! Great way to learn!

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I used these guys to source some sheet metal. I have no complaints, the rear quarter panel patches they have are clutch.


I will stay away from telling you its worth it or not to fix. I will just give you tips.


- If buying sheet metal, don't start cutting until you have the replacements.

- Check the condition of the "rails" under the front floor pans, both sides. They will most likely be rusted. You can buy replacements for those as well.

- The rust in the rear is a little tricky (under bench seat). Its critical to see how far that damage is. What I see as being rusted is like the main mount for the rear drivetrain subassy or the diff. I circled it in red. 

- Check the rockers, I would be surprised if those are not rusted. Basically if the inside rockers are rusted then just call the outside ones rusted. And replace.


I lost steam writing this and it made me have PTSD from my own car but you'll be a better welder at the end of the journey




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Hate to pile on, but that's some pretty serious rust.  More than the floorpans, I'd carefully check the inner sills--the vertical piece directly under the door openings,and running aft under the rear quarter windows.  Those sills are structural--basically they keep the front and back of the car flying together in formation.  The outer rockers (what you see along the car's bottom edge) is more cosmetic than structural.   Serious rust on those inner sills may be fatal--and if the floor is as bad as the pictures, how are the rear wheel arches (inside the trunk)?


Almost anything is reparable (I spent 6 years off and on welding on my '69 before it was ready for paint)--it just depends on your skill and/or our wallet.  But Julio, if you're fairly new to 2002s, at least find someone nearby (and there are plenty in Washington state) who is knowledgeable about 2002s and their body construction to take a close look at the car with you....but don't let this discourage you.  There are thousands of '02s out there, and there's one (or another) with your name on it.





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22 hours ago, Julio C said:

we know where to find new floor pans and we have a welder

You are going to need more than a welder, much much more.

I have  welders, compressors, cutters, grinders, big rollaway full of metal working tools and 30 years experience in aircraft/automotive structural repairs.

I would not touch that car with a 10 ft pole because its beyond my available resources, time and skill level.

Its issues go far beyond floorpans. 

Not to put too fine a point on it but,  You are getting into something way over your head.


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