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WTB: edge protection, like around doors and windows

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7 minutes ago, Stein-man said:


I would say Wallothnesch doesn't have it.  A search of the part book page on their site as well as typing in the P/N both came up N/A.


Esty -

Been there.  Pretty much all are the wrong design, but thanks!

- Rob

part number is 51721903979. Wallothnesch seems to be out.  bought it a few years back.  others want $60 for a meter.  

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Pals at Blunt -

No problem.  I have sourced the stuff from several vendors - I just want to see who can get the real thing.  That's why I just bought a meter from you.  Once I find this out, that vendor will get a cars-worth of an order.  You folks are always high on my list.  Thanks for being attentive!

- Rob Steinway

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Rob---responded to your spam control work around but uncertain that you got it? Anyways --i'll repeat the quote here on the FAQ

Car looks fabulous!--like to see how it started  and the time frame involved--I've never gone to that concours length--just daily driver builds--Love the color---rare color here--just one Tii in Golf yellow that's local with a total resto
The pinch welt set is ready to go--- $60 plus add $us20 for shipping (12x12x4   small package
air-2.75 lbs.-no tracking offered with that cheapest mode)---$80us total
-Need a mailing address!
Paypal is quickest using    scoyote@shaw.ca
PLEASE read instructions below—
I’m accepting $US ONLY—that’s how my account is set up
When sending payment PLEASE NOTICE THE  “$CAD”  and   change this to
If you choose to Paypal—please include your mailing address in the paypal
message area ---or email it to me
You could help me out and send payment for friends or family---i already pay
a premium to get money converted
Thanks Brent


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