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New Alternator Wiring Inquiry

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I have a 2002 from 1976. I have been upgrading and replacing many of its old parts. I recently acquired a new alternator from a reliable auto store. The new alternator fit right in and it was substantially similar to my old alternator which I had to return to the store for a core refund. Both are regulated externally. The picture below depict the back of the old alternator (left) and the new alternator (right). The old alternator had the three (3) prong wire harness and a fourth wire connected to the screw labeled as “B+“. The new alternator has the three (3) prong harness but has no screw labelled as “B+“ where to connect the fourth wire. Instead, it has a black plastic molded plug that connect to one of the two screws in the back. Here is the question: Where do I connect the B+ wire in the new alternator? I am incline to think that the B+ wire goes in the screw where the molded plug has a wire connected to but I want to have the benefit of the opinion of others with better experience than me in these matters. I have been reading but have not found a source that can confirm where the fourth wire go. Second question: is it advisable to replace the regulator when replacing the alternator?

Thank you very much.


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