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How do you remove the rear interior panels?

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Trying get my rear interior panels out without destroying them. Have the rear seats out and I believe all of the clips are out, but it isn’t budging at all. Giving it a little light persuasion from the bottom of the panel, but it’s not showing any signs. Are there clips anywhere else or a trick to removing them? Could be that the top of the trip is seized, but I was going to avoid pulling out the pop out windows and gaskets to pry it out. Thanks.

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18 minutes ago, pd_55 said:

Thanks. I’ll try and give a pull from the top. Doesn’t feel like it even wants to move at all, so fingers crossed the panel doesn’t break. Thanks.

Try using a skinny flat head underneath the top metal piece and pry up to get started. See circle in the pic for reference.


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harbor freight sells basic interior tools made for removing door panels and wall cards like in our 2002s. you can also find them on Ebay. They are inexpensive and work well. Check youtube or google for basic how-tos. This forum also has tons of great information, be sure to use the search function. I redid my interior without experience and turned out great!



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Finally got them out, but had to take the windows out to get good enough leverage with the pry tool. They were stuck in there good . The rubber was dried out anyway, so a good excuse to re-gasket, I guess. Or maybe for a full respray. Thanks.

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