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Post your Black Friday deals here!!

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Looks like 123ignitionusa.com is having 10% off for 24 hours. Not bad for something that rarely goes on sale and tons of people here seem to love.

Site says it goes live at midnight Thursday, but that would mean that it ends right as Black Friday begins so I think they mean midnight Friday.




Though unfortunately it's not a 2-post lift, one other great deal I'd be taking advantage of if I didn't already have one is the Daytona 3-ton jack from HF. At $99, It's a downright steal. I'm not the biggest HF fan, but that jack combined with their Braun folding LED light (also on sale for BF) are starting to change my mind. I can't get over how handy and nice that folding light is when doing work deep in the car, like on the headers. The magnet grabs on anywhere you stick it.

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of us at Maximillian Importing Company!
This holiday season, we're lowering prices on our most popular parts to make room for some amazing and exciting January inventory! 



Bimmerworld - https://www.bimmerworld.com/Black-Friday-Deals/


FCP Euro CyberMonth - https://www.fcpeuro.com/


Autogeek - https://www.autogeek.net/newsletter-special.html


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I'm late to the game, but I'll offer a sale on the tailored Fender Aprons (2002, e30, e28, & e24). These aprons fit the wide fenders on M cars too.


FREE Shipping and 10 bucks off thru next friday - Total of 210 shipped, or 205 shipped for e30.


Photos and more information here >>> http://bmwworkshopaprons.blogspot.com/


Send me a PM to order or with any questions!



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So have to thank you guys! I started this thread so I didn’t miss anything. I bought all the super bright leds thanks to a post and then bought a Maxjax from Depot on Thursday. Had been waiting for them to come back in stock. It’s better to order from Depot than Maxjax themselves. 

Today someone had posted that the Maxjax was lowered 200 bucks! I chatted with Home Depot and they gave me that price even though I had already ordered. 

That’s 200 more bucks in my pocket again thanks to this forum. 

Not to mention I just brought back a rust bucket from a stripped shell myself with all info gained on this forum!


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