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Ventilated Rotors for a Tii

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So I decided to install ventilated rotors up front on my 72 tii.  Purchased the rotors and spacing kits for the calipers from our friends in Germany, W and N.  Issue is the rotor is hitting the strut when starting to set the bearings.  It appears that I need a spacer for them to work.  Anyone have any experience with this upgrade?  Its never too late to give up, but I'm not quite ready to do that.



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So you probably bought turbo discs. They will only work with turbo hubs.

The only available working option with your hub is andré‘s Kit with Alpina repop discs and 7mm spacers.

What‘s the Part # and what were you expecting to get?



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2 minutes ago, SydneyTii said:

Any impact with braking bias’s or can you just load and go?

I don't have any real world measurements of the front to rear bias.  But, since you aren't changing any of the hydraulics (just spacing the calipers apart), I would say there is probably no change.  I certainly haven't noticed any change after installing either the tii strut spacer kit we sell or the vented disk system for the standard 2002 strut we make.  The vented rotors definitely eliminate any hot brake fade and I've never experienced any warpage.  

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7 hours ago, halboyles said:

The other route for tii struts is to use early e21 hubs with the vented rotors that goes with them.  It is a bolt-on solution,


I don’t know if the “turbo solution” has now become the common upgrade to gain ventilated front disks on an ‘02. For years, the “early e21” or the “Volvo calipers” solutions were quite commonplace. Here’s a well-worn article on the e21 upgrade.







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On the tii, if you're using early E21 hubs and rotors, 

you also use the 528 caliper.


It all bolts together, and changes nothing other than brake cooling

and rotor rigidity, as the 528 used the same pads as the tii.


I race that way- it's heavy, but legal.



from back when the turbo rotors were only available as a custom thing,

and the E21 vented rotor cost 2 burgers.

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