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Tii fuel pump - shimming 5 series diameter difference?

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Ok, so I'm replacing the fuel pump in my 74 tii as part of my "get it back on the road" overhaul, as I hasn't run in about 10 years. 


I'm following the write up from my2002tii.com/tii-fuel-pump_how-to.html, where it's suggested to use some garden hose split lengthwise to shim between the new pump and the bracket. The difference in diameter is about 7mm - seems a bit large for the suggested garden hose shim. 


Has anyone come up with a better way to securely mount the 5 series pump into a tii bracket? (and if I'm not mistaken, it could just be mounted without the surge canister - but I like to try to keep things looking somewhat like they were).





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I went to Tractor Supply (though Lowe's would work) looking for something rubber and about the right thickness.  I settled on a rubber flex joint intended to splice sections of plastic pipe.  The large hose clamps are a nice extra.  I then cut the rubber into strips to wrap around the fuel pump, and the thickness was a close match.  Anything rubber with about the right thickness that can be cut into strips should work.

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