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Racing at COTA in an 02 - SVRA Nov 2020 - video

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So there was a location for posting videos on this forum in the "browse".  Not sure were it went.


5 of us Colorado vintage 02 racers traveled down to Austin, Texas to race COTA at the SVRA event Nov 5-8, 2020.  Having been there for a Formula 1 event we had seen the track, but this was full access to everywhere and racing on the track... it was awesome.  We were parked in the paddock right behind the formula 1 garages, ~ 400 other cars there racing, yet there was plenty of space for everyone.  We were racing against 510s and GTVs and a couple other BMW 02s in the BSedan class with a bunch of Datsun 240Zs and a couple of Porsche 911s.  None of use from Colorado had ever driven the track so we were at a huge disadvantage to the locals, very complex, still way better to race than watch. Anyway, here is a video from the feature race with some good vintage BMW action..... I screwed up corner #11 and then Kyle just kept me behind..... not like he was blocking or anything.  It was a great race and way better than being alone on the track with no one to play with.    




 if you like this I have lots more videos of close 02 BMW racing, please subscribe to my channel.



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