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Big Slicks and 300 HP- My New Baby

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I am at the age when I should be thinking about finding good homes for some of my cars. But in a slight fit of insanity I made an offer on another race car and the owner accepted it.


The car is the Fisher Technik GS Tuning 2002 that ran in the DRM (predecessor to the DTM) in 1975 and 1976 as part of the 3 car GS Tuning team:




The car underwent a mechanical restoration in 2018 and has run in a couple of races in Europe since then:



Here are some additional detail shots of the car and M12 engine.










Will be arranging shipping this coming week. I'll be sure to keep the forum posted.

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Its a beauty for sure.  I saw it for the first time maybe 15(?) years ago, an outfit in Germany JB Racing owned/ran the car along with the "Fruit of the Loom" Gr 5 32o.  Pretty sure Gerent Rennsporttechnik did the motor, although given its an M12, someone else has probably been back in the a half dozen times or so.  This pic is from 2017, historic race at SPA I want to say.  Pretty hard hit.  Everything is 'fixable', its just money.

GS Crash.jpg

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A few more photos showing some of the interesting details of the car:



The rear sub-frame and trailing arms. Interesting modifications to the trailing arms.




Rack and pinion steering on the front sub-frame.




On one side of the diff is the oil pump and drive for the diff cooling system. The cooler is in the square extension just in front of the rear wheel well.




On the other side of the diff is the generator drive. Keeps the mass low!

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Very cool car, lots of similarities to mine - R&P steering, adjustable rear suspension, oil pump cooler drive, alt etc.,


How many hours on the motor? 


M12's have that 'angry' note to them.  Very expensive to mess with, however at least parts are pretty much readily available.  That distributor cap is $800 bux.  That was years ago, very likley more now.

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