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Weber 32/36 Air Filter Height

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My engine's out of the car, and we're getting ready to fix that after a rebuild.  I'm using a weber 32/36 and will eventually modify a factory air filter to fit it.  But for now it's quickest to use one of the two rectangular filter housings that I have (just like those seen in many engine bay photos). 


However, I just checked and find that they are actually two different heights-

The one that's clearly well used and (I think) been in a 2002 is about 6 7/8" x 4 1/2" x 1 3/4" tall. 

The other has the same footprint but is 2 5/8" tall.  The taller one is new and shiny so I'd like to use it but not if it'll hit the hood!  It's from Pierce.


I can call pierce, but owner experience is more valuable...  Can someone please measure the height of their air filter?  thanks!

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I ran the taller one on my car without clearance issues.  (before installing a stock air cleaner)


You can test the height by placing little balls of clay on the air cleaner lid and closing the hood.


(My adaptor about an eighth of an inch shorter than the typical Weber adaptor and I do not use a spacer under the carb).







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but to be clear, the adapters that you show are for the stock air cleaner, not the aftermarket air filter which goes directly on the 32/36-  I'm using the type shown here (picture doesn't show the height, so it represents both that I have):


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