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Lug wrench compatibility

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My '75 did not come with a lug wrench, and it looks like I just missed out on a couple of original ones for sale here. I see that the E53 X5 has a Heyco wrench that is also a 19 mm, and appears to be almost identical just without the hubcap puller. Anyone here using one of these here who can confirm? Look to be readily available for ~$20. Thanks.



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Just a word of caution, they don't fit all lug nut / alloy combinations... If you are using stock steelies or basketweaves or any alloy with a relatively "flat face", no problem. But some alloys have the web too close to the lug nut and these wrenches are not exactly "thin wall". I know that you cannot use them on Cosmic alloys without destroying the finish on the inner web next to the lug nut. Mine is a decoration, I have thin wall socket and 1/2 bar in the trunk which is unfortunately heavier than that wrench you are looking to buy.


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Thanks everyone for your inputs, would up finding a nice one on eBay for $11 shipped! The wheels on my car should accommodate the thicker wall of this style of wrench, but as others have mentioned I also use a breaker bar type of extension with the deeper sockets (with the plastic sleeved exterior to protect the wheels) for work at home. This will look "correct" in the trunk and can be used for the roadside change if that should ever occur. 

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