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Price: $40
Location: Boston

The following parts are left over from cars that my Son owned.

Orange Push Button Switch for iRear Windscreen Defogger. $60

Early Lighter both Female and Male parts. $60.

Very Rare Early Red Knob Pull Style Hazard Switch. $150.

Dash Switch Knobs. $45 each.

Misc. Window Cranks and Door Knobs. $40 - $60.

Emergency Brake Cover. $35.

Horn Buttons. $50.

Misc. Door Lock Cylinders. $40 each  Two have keys $60 each

Driver's Rear View Mirror. $75 each

Wiper Motor. $80.

Early Raised Letter Roundels. Small $40. Large $60.

Trunk  Scripts. $20 each.     

Rubber Shift Knob. $50.

Leather Shift Knob. $70.

Chrome Rear Quarter Window Latches. $60 each. Both for $100.

Tii Distributors. $150 each.

Base 2002 Distributors. $75 each.

Driver Quality Early Kidney. $75 each.

Black Passenger Armrest. $50.

Over-riders. $60 each. $100 for both.

Beemer Motorcycle Tool Pouch with 15 asst. BMW Tools. $100.

Hard to find Radio Knob. $50.

Tii. Brake Booster. $500.

Tii. Exhaust Manifold. $325.

Asst. Relays. $40 each.

Black Plastic Headlight Grilles. $100 for right and left. $60 for one.


PHOTOS by Request.



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