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Shipping large items pandemic style

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Assuming in the middle of cold & flu season in the middle of a pandemic, the the risk:gain proposition of going to the UPS store or shipping center doesn’t come anywhere close to making that a viable option: how does one ship large bulky things reasonably?  Crate & Freight w/ pickup seems pretty expensive.  Are there other options?


I scored a trunk lid with my doors that I don’t need (I was cleaning it up/arresting underside surface rust before listing for sale).  Someone on the faq has already expressed interest in it, but they’re ~1200 miles away.  How to get it there without delivery costing 4x what I paid for it?  Is that just a nonstarter?


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In the lower 48 people often use greyhound busses to ship seats, etc. I’ve recently started using air cargo via AlaskaAir as it’s much more reasonable for shipping to alaska than the usual suspects and greyhound isn’t an option here. 

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