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Not the 49-Mile Drive-2020 -  Main Post, 50 Moraga Ave, San Francisco, California, 94129 - 12/12/2020 09:30 AM

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Event Title: Not the 49-Mile Drive-2020

Event Location: Main Post, 50 Moraga Ave, San Francisco, California, 94129
Event Author: layers
Event Date: 12/12/2020 09:30 AM

364007345_NT49MD-20finalgraphic201129_not49mile2020.jpg.005740ca787eef82cf495ab351d095ec.jpgNot the 49 Mile Drive, BayArea 02's annual rally, comes to San Francisco again on December 12 (2nd Saturday in December).  At about 9:30 A.M. we will meet at a new location: in The Presidio across the street from the Officer’s Club (50 Moraga Ave., the Moraga Parking Lot).  From here you can start route instructions and driving protocol you downloaded and can purchase a NT40MD-20 T-shirt or a BayArea 02 mask.



Rather than a driver's meeting please download the driving protocol sheet; all cars will be off by 10:00 AM.  After encountering some major, minor and probably weird roads and alleys around San Francisco (we never leave The City) we will meet again in a parking lot to review the photos in the handout that each navigator will have numbered during the rally in the order of observation. Note: in deference to the pandemic, this year does NOT include lunch!


Pandemic rules: if anyone is at all sick, please do NOT come!  Wear your mask at all times when outside; social distance at least 6Ft.; clean your hands often.  Please be careful— we do NOT want any spread of the corona virus from or to anyone!


Rallymeister Pete Petras has our rally route ready for your download.  He works in The City so he can easily encounter the fun and delightful highways, byways and avenues that help us discover hidden gems, gorgeous views and surprising streets that make San Francisco such a unique adventure for all of us living in the Bay Area.


Join us for the fun rally, wave at your friends from a social distance and learn and enjoy some of San Francisco’s road history and quirks.  We recommend driving with a navigator from your family, so the driver can drive and the crew can give turn instructions and watch for the rally photo locations to number in viewing order. Solo drivers are also welcome.  Kids are always welcome to ride along and provide keen eyes!


Be sure to highlight 12 December on your calendar for the NT49MD-2020 rally!


Note: You can see a few photos from NT49MD-2019 at

Photos from 2015


Not the 49-Mile Drive-2020

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Please see [https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/269383-not-the-49-mile-drive-2020-on-12-december-2020/] for the latest details, including the route instructions and Welcome/Driver's Protocol for you to download for use during the rally.  See you there at 9:30 Saturday morning!


Update after rally: note that I added the photo key to my first post in the BayArea 02 topic NT49MD-20.  Also, please post your event photos in the topic Steve posted in BayArea 02 images [https://www.bmw2002faq.com/gallery/category/10-images/?sortby=album_last_img_date&sortdirection=DESC&albumPage=2].

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