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Save the Date! Not the 49-Mile Drive-2020 on 12 December, 2

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Hey, it’s almost December— that means Not the

49-Mile Drive
on 12 December is getting close!

Yes, in spite of Covid-19 we’re planning a rally around San Francisco.  But there will be some changes to our usual setup.  First off, we will NOT have a lunch at the rally finish.  The pandemic simply precludes that as we try to social distance (easy while each of us is in our car with but less so if we could even find a restaurant with any seating).  Also, we may well start at a different location from OceanBeach but that is not yet in place.  We’re still developing the rally so most details are still to be determined. The key is for all of you to watch closely for our official announcement so we can discuss the start location and other details.

Stay tuned!


Larry Ayers


Note: You can see a few photos from NT49MD-2019 at [https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/253416-nt49md-2019%E2%80%94-not-the-49-mile-drive-saturday-14-december-20/].  Photos from 2015 are at [http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/174801-2015-bay-area-2002-not-the-49-mile-scenic-drive/#entry1079809 ].

DRAFT NT49MD-20 graphic 201115.jpg

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