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Need some electric help advice

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Car is a 73 Tii went to drive the car to get an estimate and no start. Battery good, checked fuses all had continuity I did notice the wires leading into the can on the intake were a little loose so I tested the continuity on both ends the wires leading to the plug didn't have continuity the plug in the can did.  I'm a noob when it comes to anything electric and would appreciate any help. The car last ran a week ago. There was one other event that might be related. I have the headliner out and while was repositioning the light above the drivers door it sparked and blew a fuse that I replaced. 



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Loosen, clean and reattach the ground at the battery, body and engine block.


While that is disconnected, do the same for the cable running to the starter.


If you have battery terminal clamps that look like this style, they are known to be problematic (suck) and do not maintain a good connection. 


Amazon.com: Battery Terminal Connectors, Battery Post Terminal, Negative  Positive Battery Terminals, Lead, Great Connection, Corrosion Resistance,1  Pair, Applicated in Car,Truck,Boat,Van and More.(Lead): Car Electronics

You should be able to remove the bolts and strap, clean the area/cable end and reattach, if they are not too corroded.  Then go shopping for better cables with integrated clamps.

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1 hour ago, Fortlauderdalian said:

Lights work no clicking sound. Not sure of the age of battery I’ll try jumping it

There should be a date code on the top of the battery. If over five years old, its suspect. You need to determine if its a bad battery or bad connections. I would address both to be sure.

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