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tii throttle linkage- is intermediate shaft plate flat?

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OK, so I'm cleaning up the throttle linkage on a new to me '74 tii. Should the plate of the intermediate shaft be flat? This is the part I'm asking about:


tii linkage.jpg


And this is what mine looks like (you might have to open the pic full sized to see the bend better - the edge with downward facing pivot ball not in line with the shaft is bent down) :












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I think it was originally flat, but there was some problem with it fouling and a Service Bulletin recommended bending it..

EDIT  sorry, that's the spring perch at the top of the shaft I am talking about..


on my spare part the lower ball pivot is flattish/perpendicular.. IMG_20201114_090407_copy_1572x691.jpg

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Now I'm no expert, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express once. The metal is thick enough that it would have to be intentionally manipulated in order to achieve a bend. That being said, the linkages on the Tii are very sensitive to adjustments. The cause for many poorly running engines next to timing and mixture settings.  I would think it's a minor tweak discovered after the fact to aid in aligning the ball socket and shaft. Thus giving a mild benefit to further adjusting the accelerator rod. 


Wes Ingram used to make a "hot rod" tii linkage adaptor to add some additional fuel curve. Not certain how he did it, never saw it in use, but again it is a statement to how sensitive the linkages can be.  


But what do I know.  


If you need a replacement I have one as do many others here on the forum.  



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Thanks everyone for their replies. Some time in my newly assembled electrolytic rust removing tank (fantastic - should be required with 02 ownership) cleaned the rust off and while cleaning it up I could see a bend mark on the bottom where it it was more obvious that this was something done on a production line, not by someone tweaking it with a pair of vice-grips. Evidently mine is a replacement like what jgerock has.



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