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Seeking advice on engine stand (side mount)

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I am hoping to side mount the engine shown on this old engine stand.  These are lots of posts on the topic, some suggesting three bolts, some four.  I can orient the triangular plate to accommodate the three motor mount holes on the exhaust side, does that seem sufficient?  The plate is quite thick, almost 1/2”.   (I am also wondering what the other two plates are for).  Thanks!  Tom


PS. Lest you think, “it is not going to be much of a rebuild if he cannot figure out how to get the engine on the stand”, do not worry.  I have no plans for this engine—I bought it on the cheap as it was nearby just to tinker with and see “how goes the 2002”, as my mechanical skills are weak.




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Hi Tom, Richard here fom down the road in Hingham, regarding your earlier question about seat upholstery, last year when I went to the Saratoga Vintage, what a great weekend, I met the guys from a leather supply house, called Relicate, relicate.com and he had a few suggestions for auto upholstery shops around here, see below,

Mitch Woloshchuk (a one man show but really good!)
Mitch's Kustoms
14 Zuell Hill Rd
Monson MA 01057
‭(413) 244-6455‬
Nick Lupien
Running with Scissors
133 Linden St
Boylston MA 01505
‭(508) 335-5276‬
Lindsey Smith
New England Trim
129 Hartford Turnpike
Shrewsbury MA 01545
‭(508) 752-8576‬
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