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Depending on the year 12v+ either comes from the ignition switch through the resister (mounted next to the coil) or straight through the resister wire that is part of the harness.  The - side comes from the ignition points in the distributor.  There should also be a wire to the - side of the coil that goes to the Tach (black wire I believe)  

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#15 is positive when ignition is on-sometimes an extra lead from the starter is connected for a boost during start. Often a green wire but on 76 year cars is golden translucent like a speaker wire. 

#1 is the power lead to the dist condenser. And connects to the tach via a black wire. 


or for those who can't read: see below. 


but what do I know. 


Compatible Ignition Coils, Ballast Resistors, Hot-Spark Electronic Ignition

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1 hour ago, esty said:

72....no ballast resistor


so just find the hot wire from ignition start? or on? to 15 on coil?


The wire needs to be hot on start and run. 

What type of ignition trigger and coil are you using? You might need a resistor...

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