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Correct set of points for '74 2002


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I have now revieved to sets of points that are incorrect.  did not realize that there are "left" and "right" points. 


Not sure which I have but my points are on the right side of the distributor .


Can anyone sort this out for me?





74 2002

82 315 Baur

18 m240i (just acquired - wow!)

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I think all of the '74 distributors were vac-retard.


"Backwards" points were used on vacuum retard distributors in order to make room for the vacuum pod attachment point.


If yours looks like the one on the right,




I believe these are the points you are looking for.  ( part # 1237013082 )






PS.  you might have trouble finding a condenser with a round plastic plug, as opposed to square.  If so, the square ones can be filed to fit the round hole.


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29 minutes ago, PeterCS said:

Mine is the one on the left. 


- is mine a backward retard distributor?

- and is part # 1237013082 correct for mine?



No.  The one on the left has vacuum advance.

The distributor on a 2002 spins clockwise (looking down at it) and the pod pulls (rotates) the points plate when vacuum is applied.

So, pulling the points plate counter clockwise will advance the timing and pulling clockwise will retard it.


It sounds like you are trying to order points based on your car's model year and you do not have the original distributor installed.


You need to buy them to fit the specific distributor. 


(Not knowing which model you have), I am guessing it will use these points.


Ignition Breaker Points - Bosch 12111267393



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I know (from experience!) that my '69 and my '73--both with their original distributors--use different points, and I seem to recall the early dizzys use those same points as the later squarelights, and the ones in the middle production period--i.e. my 73 use mirror image points. 


It would be helpful if someone would post a list of dizzy numbers, years they were used, and which points are correct for 'em...the info I have is fragmentary...



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 As I went through some old paperwork, I found a February 1988 Bosch ignition parts catalogue. It lists the BMW 2002's from 1967-76. If I remember correctly, some ignition points were not listed correctly (left side- right side) but the pt#'s might just help narrow things down/ordering. I don't know how to download the pages to this thread so I will have to post when one of my children can "show" this oldtimer what to do. The catalog shows Bosch# 01-012 points for a '74 2002/2002tii. Distributor #'s 0 231 180 008 (2002), 0 231 180 013 (2002tii). Hoping it helps.       

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Welcome to the forum and thank you for posting. 


Both of the distributor models you've mentioned are vacuum-retard distributors, with the points moved to the other side (compared to the vacuum-advance and mechanical-advance-only models).  Here are the 0 231 180 008 and 0 231 180 013




Apparently Peter's got a vacuum-advance distributor, which might explain why the (OE '74?) distributor points he's ordered don't fit.


I'd still be interested in knowing the number on that distributor.... :) 




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On 11/2/2020 at 1:54 PM, Mike Self said:

It would be helpful if someone would post a list of dizzy numbers, years they were used, and which points are correct for 'em...the info I have is fragmentary...


Ask and ye shall receive!  Thanks to R.I.P.B.M.W..  I've bookmarked this thread for future reference.


It looks like someone is selling some copies of the BOSCH catalog on eBay right now, if you want a hard copy.


I'm guessing it'd have the same info as posted above, but you might want to check with the seller to be sure.




I am still curious which distributor you have there, @PeterCS .

( : this is the last time I will ask  : )




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