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Should I swap Weber dgv 23/36 carb for a 38/38?

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I would not do it . I don’t like the dgv carbs. Save your cash for some side draft 40s.

the down draft carbs take longer to jet . They seem cheesy cheep to me .

I ran a 38/38 on my race car for years.  Dual side drafts is better.

The only reason racers run the single is for the class rules . 


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When I built my motor I opted for a 38/38.  This is with a 292 cam, mild clean up and port work on the head and intake manifold.

Compared to the old stock motor with a 32/36 it's a world of difference just as a pumped up street car.  Does run richer and a little bumpy idle but throttle response and pull on the freeway is awesome.  Weber tuning is a little black art but not all that difficult with some guidance.  Small adjustments yield big results.

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On 11/3/2020 at 4:13 PM, AustrianVespaGuy said:

While this is OK in terms of general guidelines, it's not quite that simple either.  Even a single 45 a low compression stock motor is too much carb and you'll have a devil of a time getting it to run right.  Also with a stock camshaft, I don't think a 32/36 limits the top end breathing much compared to a 38/38. But the fun of the 38er is that you get more throttle sooner with less pedal input, plus it has room to 'grow' with a more aggressive cam later on.  So my advice is 32/36ers for stock engines, and 38/38ers for cars that have additional engine plans in the pipeline.

As I read through this discussion and came to the same conclusion.

around town I would prefer the 32/36, has nothing to do with mpg

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