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Think I found the slight knocking coming from my right front strut.  Seems like the damper isn't all the way up against the top mount somehow, but I can't really figure it out.  I recently had it apart to put in fixed camber plates and new top mount bearings, and yes I remembered to put the washer back between the spring perch and the upper mount.  Damper end nut seems snug too, so what else could it be?  Is it possible that the bearing itself could somehow be a bit loose?  Anything else I can check into before I break out the spring compressors (again) and start tearing things apart? Thanks!

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One of the nuts that hold the camber plates on clicks against the spring cap over specific bumps on my car. It took me a while to find it (and 2 reputable shops failed). Stick your hand up there and see how much room there is between one of the nuts and where the spring coil ends in the cap. I'm too lazy to take it all apart so I have a combination of foam and leather (yes, I know) in there now to dampen it. 

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