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Experience with Guangzhou Fire Turbocharger EB32G?

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A few years ago, I bought a Chinese "copy" of our turbocharger...it wasn't very expensive...thought it would be a good backup if I was desperate...which I am...


200 miles into a turbocharger rebuilt by Carl Nelson's guy in Texas, I appear to have blown an oil seal climbing a long steep grade at full throttle.  Crap.


I'm going to remove the turbocharger and ship it to the fellow who did the overhaul for Carl, including manufacture of new castings.  Meanwhile, I was thinking of bolting the "Fire Turbo" in place of the KKK while I'm trying to sort things out.


Does anyone have experience with these units? It there any potential for harm to my numbers matching motor?  It isn't a modern turbo adapted to our motors, but a copy of the original design...but how well executed is a mystery to me.  The manufacturer represents itself as exclusively a turbocharger manufacturer.  But who knows...


Thanks in advance,



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We have a known quality, modern German (I think) turbocharger coming from Oldenzaal in the Netherlands.  It's what they've been using in their restorations for cars that are driven with excellent resu

All, Here's a physical comparison of a Holset HX35W and my battered EB32G: T3 Flange, turbine housing external dimensions rather similar. This Holset has internal wastegate

I also contacted Guangzhou Fire Turbo but didn't buy because they seem so vague about the EB32G... I couldn't even get a picture that was confirmed to be the item they sell.    Could you sha

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I also contacted Guangzhou Fire Turbo but didn't buy because they seem so vague about the EB32G... I couldn't even get a picture that was confirmed to be the item they sell. 


Could you share pics of the turbo you got? Is it dimensionally correct? Still twin-scroll? Does the 'elbow adapter' fit on the intake? Do the oil feed & drain banjos fit? I guess in terms of A/R, turbine/impeller design etc, the only way to really know how it performs is to try it!


I don't think there is harm in trying it, worst case it leaks oil or runs out of balance and commits suicide, but damage to your engine is unlikely. Since the injection system dynamically reacts to boost, the fueling will adapt even if the turbo has different spool characteristics.  Maybe it will provide more boost and you'll need to adjust the blowoff valve...but that's not such a bad problem to have.

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13 minutes ago, wkohler said:

Gammet.  By Funeywell.


Thanks.  I guess I’ll send a request for pricing.  


I know...


Stand by for a report on how it fits and performs.  Looks okay, but who knows what materials and quality control they used.  Very small company and factory per the write up.  Of course, materials technology and QA wasn't very well developed in the 1970's, either...

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On 10/31/2020 at 10:51 AM, Lengrep said:

Ignore the photo on the website.  The data tag is for an actual KKK turbocharger.  Mine has a Fire Turbo label with the EB32G model designation and a serial number.

I assumed that was a file photo and I think when this previously came up in my investigation I was thinking vaporware due to that but nice to know it’s real and from you photos looks pretty nice.  I certainly look forward to your report.

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