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Is This Asbestos?

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It's not going to kill you unless you crumble it, breathe it, and have a bad smoking habit.


That said, asbestos is very brittle, so it usually isn't used where it flexes and gets

the crap beaten out of it.  It's likely a fiberglass or fiberglass/ asbestos composite.


I would NOT take it to bed with you, but also not freak out.  If you want to 

keep it, encapsulate it with a modern hi- temp wrap.



we still have asbestos covered wires in many theaters.  Just don't snort them.

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Not asbestos. If you want to see what asbestos looks like, the tubes in the Behr a/c unit were covered with it. FWIW, I worked with the stuff as a grad student before it was restricted, it was all over the place. As said above, only “friable” or crumbly asbestos is bad, it’s usually woven.

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