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Help identifying connection behind cluster

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I just had to say a big thanks to this board. I have been chasing a parisitic draw for months (albeit not a very fast chase). Saw this pic from Johns 76 and my (parasitic) light bulb went dim. No more worrying about pulling fuse number 2 or unhooking the battery. Guess my ride had something done in it's past.

So much knowledge on here. Us helping people even when us don't know!


MAHALO, and thanks for letting me sort of hijack the thread. To put it back on topic, change that around and you'll find a lot less dead batteries. It does require a different wire set, and a cover for the unused one. @Road trip, PM me if you need this wire, I believe I have a spare. Don't have a spare cover though.


Thanks again BMW2002FAQ.com. The BEST tool in my tool box!

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