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13 hours ago, Vintagedavid said:
Price: $350
Location: Tacoma, WA




For sale is a 1972 TII specific fuel tank.  Price is $350 + shipping from WA.

Photos always help, David.


By “1972 tii specific”, I’m guessing you mean it’s for a twist-in fuel pickup, used up to and including VIN 2761963 (June 1972), after which the twist-in was superseded by the screw-down pickup.







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26 minutes ago, Conserv said:

Yeah, Paul, you and I are definitely “screw-down guys”


So much so that I make my own gaskets.  We have a local gasket manufacturer here that discards Nitrile scraps that are large enough to fabricate tii gas tank seals.  Call me crazy. :blink:


The last gasket I bought from W&N split at the the screw holes and leaked from the get go.  Hence I was forced to go local.




Oopps!  Hijacking someones For Sale thread.  Sorry!


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9 hours ago, Vintagedavid said:

Photos of the tank.  It's in amazing shape.  I may have undervalued this rare piece...



P1080119.jpg.zip 2.66 MB · 0 downloads

So, yes, David, it’s a twist-in tank, used, at minimum, on VIN’s 2760001 through 2761963 (I don’t, offhand, know which tanks were used in Euro-spec tii’s).






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