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Maybe don't order from CoverCraft...

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FYI, maybe find somewhere else to buy a sun shade / car cover if you're looking right now.

I placed an order for one of the CoverCraft custom sun shades everyone raves about. That was 6 weeks ago and I still haven't gotten a notification that it's shipped.


Their site reads:

"Covid-19 has created a backlog in communications and production, but we are working very hard to get caught up. If you could direct all questions/concerns through our contact us form on this page that would greatly help expedite our ability to promptly respond to each customer."


Tried e-mailing them twice in the past 3 weeks and have gotten zero response. 

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That's a shame.  Barney has them on most of his cars and I can vouch they are very nice.  It may be a symptom of our current Covid situation.  I know I placed an order for a set of CoCoMats for my e28 a couple weeks ago...I too have yet to hear anything from them about the order.


Patience, Grasshopper...

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covid caused me to get approx 2 months behind...vendors working skeleton crews or not working at all and very slow shipping...i've been waiting on some supplies for a month now


i bought a set of injectors for one of my e30's a month ago, they made it to the post office after waiting on the order confirmation for 8 days but have been stalled at every change in location along the way...current eta is Sept 10


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Not a Covercraft comment, but be prepared to expect the unexpected from online orders these days.


1.  I ordered some hardware bits on Ebay recently.  The vendor promptly shipped them by USPS.  Watching the tracking- From the east coast, they disappeared into the system, finally showing up at a wrong post office in my local Colorado area, followed by a week long vacation in Souix Falls SD, then coming to my post office, with an additional rest period there, and finally to me.  3+ weeks in the Custody of USPS "3 Day" Priority Mail. 


2.  At the other end of the spectrum, I ordered a GPS speedometer from Speedhut.  Their website mentions a 4-6 week delay.  It will be delivered tomorrow by Fedex after 2 1/2 weeks.

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