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<73 Hi Beam Switch Disintegration - 3D Print Opportunity?

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Hi All, 

I did a quick search but didn't see any golden nuggets....my 1972 car's Flasher/Hi-Lo beam switch has disintegrated ...below 2 others I have dismantled...all have same failure mode despite there being 2 different internal designs. The plastic fulcrum piece which has the (metal) stalk pinned-in is cracking-up...I tried cleaning and araldite....but it's not lasting...any solutions out there??


Early(?) Type


Later(?) Design


Same failure mode....

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Believe lots of these were damaged by folks getting into the car.  Be careful if you are wearing a jacket or coat with pockets.


Ask Grice Mulligan if he has any column switches to sell.  New ones may still be available.

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FYI, all the low/high/flasher stalks on roundies (at least 2002s) are the same; only the knobs are different.  Pre modell 71s have bakelite jellybeans, later cars have flattened cones.  Gives you a wider range of years to search for. 


Coat sleeves are death on those stalks.  My wife did that on our '69 when it was less than a year old--even then the switches were expensive!


Too bad some clever soul can't 3D print the part from a good sturdy nylon plastic...



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I changed the title: Following Mike's suggestion - this would be a great opportunity for a small 3D printed piece from a tough plastic! 

I think its not super-precise on dimensions or surface finish, the stalk socket and bearing can be push-in or even glue-in.


Is anyone skilled in the art of translating a broken part into a suitable 3D artwork??

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I agree, they get weaker with age ;)  


I also suspect that the plastic wasn't grease- compatible, so that weakens them 

further.  I have taken apart at least one that was pretty much goo.


I wonder if a nylon print would be strong enough...




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