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1975 BMW 2002 - Maryland

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Price: $3500
Location: Bethesda, MD


Selling my project car, partnering up with my brother on a boat project.


The car has the motor from a donor '76, but the original, numbers-matching engine is included (needs a rebuild).


New rear drums, pads, cylinders

New clutch braided steel line and slave cyl

Newly resurfaced flywheel

New steering parts, ball joints, tire rods, etc.

New braided front brake lines

New Weber 32/36

New water pump

Newish hoses

New tires

New valve stem seals, head gasket

New battery

New brake booster check valve


The car runs reasonably well, but the battery drains slowly when the car is off. The exhaust is fairly loud - who knows, you may like that.


I've inspected the oil pump and it looks like new. In one picture, you can see the VDO oil pressure gauge I installed (in a very non-permanent way) to verify oil pressure, which is spot on. Compression, as I recall is good.


Previous owner installed a Carter electric fuel pump - I added a regulator and gauge. Buyer should install a fuel pump shutoff switch for safety. Ignition is MSD 6A and rotor/cap/wires and reasonably new.


I resealed and refilled the 4-speed a while back. It is quiet and smooth and shifts with almost no effort at all. It does drip a drop or two of gear oil every now and again, have not tracked down the source of that.


Seats are from an Acura Integra, so I am told. The color scheme is Chamonix w/ blue interior, but years ago, someone went nuts with spray paint. Now the paint is checking a bit, giving that highly-sought-after rattle-can patina. The 14" wheels are from a company called Rage. Chinese-made I think, and I kind of like them. The belt trim is adhesive tape, not real.


Differential is an open one and its old. It likes to leak a little bit of oil. Buyer should consider rebuilding/replacing.


I have quite a few extra parts I would love to give the buyer, including


Old Weber 38/38

An old alternator

Radiator shroud

Extra E21 head

2 4-speed manual transmissions.


Yours to take, plus there's probably more. Your choice. the only thing you must take is the original engine for the car. It's on a homemade dolly (you can see in the picture) which you can take and keep.


If you are seriously interested and would like to see some close-up pictures of anything, DM me and I will try to honor those requests as best I can.






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Had a few requests for body pictures to assess rust. The car is not rust fee. It's been garaged for the 6 years I have owned it and rarely driven - so what is there hasn't gotten worse.


Driver's side:



Going down the passenger side.




Happy to add more, just ask. Thanks!


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@jhp  I have more interior pics, haven't ever had the rear seat out, but I'd guess the condition is similar to the rest of the car.


Someone also asked (privately) about how the seats are mounted, so here are more interior pics to shed some light




Another question about the valance. Looks good to me



I forgot to mention I have an entire set of hard brake lines you can take with the car.


Hope this helps!

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