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Outdoor Laser Levels - Desirable Features You Must Look Out for

It is easier to find an indoor laser level than the best outdoor laser level however when you finally find your ideal outdoor match, you will surely find more value even if it costs more than you budgeted for. There are many things you should look out for, what is more, important is that your choice must fit into your plans and personal needs. Your situation should come first, and every other factor should matter too. The following are key considerations for choosing an outdoor laser level.

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  • What are Your Personal Needs, Goals, and Objectives?


What do you need the outdoor laser level for? Are you into construction, electrical works, plumbing, sports, or any other occupation? What is the weather like in your region? Do you have more tropical and sunshine all year round or a balance of winter, and summer months? If for instance, you reside in a region with lots of sunshine months, a green laser with higher visibility, perhaps a rotary laser level may become your best outdoor laser level option.

  • IP56 or IP66 Water and Dust Protection

You need to consider the added protection of water and dust resistant body design when choosing your outdoor laser level. You may not need this feature if all you do is indoor and home DIY projects but for outdoor circumstances where torrential rainfall, gusty winds, and specks of dust become rampant, you need to find a laser level with a minimum of IP56 water and dust-resistant features. IP66 is more efficient than IP56 water-resistant but offers adequate protection. This does not mean you should deliberately leave the device inside moisture-laden conditions, and you need to allow your laser level to dry off before storing it.

  • Ease of Usage

Ease of usage of a laser level comprises so many things but most importantly how easy the device can be handled on and off the working field. Does It come with handles on both the left and right side or the top of the device? You should be able to carry your laser level from one place to another. The ergonomic design of your laser level is important as regards ease of usage. There are laser levels you can start with just a single push of a button and that will make operations a lot easier. You should also check if the product comes with a storage case for easy storage. Keep in mind that a laser level that comes with lots of accessories must also come with storage features for such extras.

  • More than Enough Range

Normally, all outdoor laser levels provide decent laser beam range, that is, an excess of 100 ft. But the need for laser level comparison is important when you need a laser range of more than a thousand feet. Though you can get a laser receiver to extend the range of your device, it will still make more sense to go for a laser level with a natural longer range for complex outdoor works. This should still depend on your circumstances. There are laser levels built to extend the range to over 2,000 ft. These laser levels are more common for excavations, fencing, and even space and marine exploration services. Work out your minimum and maximum laser level range before settling for a product.

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  • Visibility of the Laser Level


Just as other factors are important, the visibility of your laser level is also important. Visibility is important because it helps you find your maximum laser range and helps you measure accurately. Green laser levels provide more visibility than red laser levels of the same capacity, and the reason is that the human eye can easily detect green color faster than the red color. This however does not mean that red laser levels still wouldn’t deliver, you just have to settle for the one that suits your needs. For outdoor levels that require a longer range of laser projection, a Green rotary laser level has been found to produce the best visibility at any angle

  • How Accurate is the Laser Level?

Accuracy varies from one laser level to the other and that is why you should go for an outdoor laser level with better accuracy. You will find laser levels with accuracies of 1/8”, 1/16”, 1/32”, and so on, and the higher the denominator, the more accurate the laser level, that is a 1/16” accurate laser is more accurate than a 1/8” laser level. Accuracy level alone should not be the basis for choosing a laser level, you should compare all other factors as well.

  • Budgetary Considerations

Budgetary considerations should be the last factor to consider when choosing an outdoor laser level. You don’t want to get carried away by the affordability of some products, hence you should be flexible with your budget. You don’t want to also ignore quality for the price, if you do, you may end up getting the best value for your money. Your final aim is to get an outdoor laser level with the best range, visibility, accuracy, ergonomically designed, and well-protected device. You should read product reviews on this site to help you make even a better decision.

Desirable Features to Look Out for in Outdoor Laser Levels- Bottomline.

Fortunately, you can find an ideal laser level for outdoor use at all budget ranges and that is if you take some time out and do your research. You may want to avoid fairly used and refurbished laser levels because they often come with missing or replacement parts and you probably don’t have sufficient history of maintenance schedules for such devices. You may also want to find more about outdoor laser levels by reading the xPDvpct.gifBest Outdoor Laser Levels For The Money guide and reviews. Choosing the ideal, compatible laser level is the secret to long-lasting success in laser level measurement.

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post a wanted ad - better chance of finding someone hoarding that. Really doubt you'll find a shop with that on the shelf, where in the world are you?


Out of interest what happend to the original?

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